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Smile please

September 2019



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Morgan ohai

anobjectinspace in photo_scavenger


Mouse again! I know, I'm like crazy mouse guy. But I couldn't resist using my Luka for this prompt. She's a champagne tan, so her belly and throat are a gorgeous shade of orange.


Lovely close up of her soft fur and beautiful whiskers. :)
Thanks! I love getting the whiskers in good focus... they have so many!
She posed so perfectly for you, too. Great shot.
She is SUCH a little poser.
She is very pretty.
Thanks :-) She knows it, too!
Very pretty!

Your mice are much more cooperative than my rats...they don't believe in staying still to have their photos taken.
*grin* Some of them were raised with the camera (I took on a pregnant rescue) and the rest, though very freaked out by the camera at first, soon get used to it. I let them sniff it and crawl on it, then I make it just beep near them, then let the flash pop up, then let it flash and get photos, and so on, just gently, and eventually they don't care how in their faces it is. Plus treats help!

Rats are less taken in by such things though :-P I have very few photos of the rats I had a couple of years ago.
lol Yeah, the rats aren't even remotely scared of the camera, they just don't sit still...there's always something to explore! Indigo (my fat boy) is getting to the stage where he's more inclined to just lay there and be doted upon, the girls, however, just never stop moving.
Mices!!! How pretty she is! If i had a good place for a terrarium I'd SO have mice again (3 cats and a dog mean they couldn't be free-range!)

We have a cat who isn't allowed around them unless they're caged, two dogs who are very interested in watching them in their tanks but ignore them when they're out, and my dog (icon) who LOVES rodents and while never unsupervised with them, has never been a problem with them :-) So they're lucky - they get to come out to play a lot!
I'm sure our dog (icon) would try to play with them... and while he can be gentle with the cat, I would worry about mice!

Once Cairo (one of the cats) caught a field mouse in the house, but didn't really seem to know what to do with it -- I took it away from him while it was still alive and put him outside in safety!

We all have our favorite subjects, whether kids, cats, dogs, flowers, or, in your case, mice. Pretty orange!
Amusingly I'd have said my favourite subject was my dog, once, but mice are a lot more versatile.

I love the colour on her. One day I'd love black tans or chocolate tans - the bellies are just so stunning.
She's lovely (and I never saw myself saying that about a mouse).
*smile* I'm glad I could help you see them in a good light.

My mice are very, very tame and have actually got a lot of people over fears/dislikes of them.
I kind of love the idea of a year's worth of themes all illustrated with mouse photos! This one is lovely and very sweet.
Hah, well I can try! It's very very tempting, I can at least use mice for the majority *grin*

Oh god. I really WILL be known as crazy mouse guy.