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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I was thinking that I have a couple of nice sunsets on file - but something new would be better, and waiting for the inspiration to hit. But then this was sunset today... and I couldn't resist. Sorry about the pink blob where the light caught the lens...



Your island offers such beautiful opportunities, with all that water. I love the way the reflection is almost like an entrance to some submerged world.
I like that too - I had one without the pink blob, but it didn't have the reflection and I liked that streak of orange as if it was the opening of a chasm, or a doorway, or even a Hellmouth!
Oh noes! Not a Hellmouth! *g*
Ooooh, that's splendid.
Thank you! It really was an orange sunset - no paying with it at all. What is most interesting (well, to me) is that I would think of that bay facing more south than west - but we are still so near the solstice that the sun was setting over the sea, rather than behind the headland.
Thank you!
Sigh - just beautiful.
Thank you - it really was a very orange sunset, I did nothing to that picture at all.
I like sun flares. I try to get them!

Wasn't it nice of Nature to give you a sunset for "orange?"
It was incredibly orange. I realised it was an orange sunset, rather than a pink one, when I got to that point on the road - and I sat in the car there for about ten minutes whilst it went down a bit more and the orange intensified to this.
That is so beautiful.
Thank you - it was just lucky that it was a nice afternoon and the light was right!
Very pretty!
Thank you!