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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger


Spectacular sunsets, fruit and sundry critters--with all the awesome photos we've seen so far I ask myself...what to do, what to do?

There's duck feet:
Duck Scratch

And then there's:

Couldn't choose between the two. I shamelessly dug back into my archive for these, as the orange photos I took this week just didn't turn out the way I wanted.


Both interesting. It's perfectly fine to use older photos--I'd be in trouble if it weren't!
Thank you. I suppose we all would be in trouble! I was surprised at how unavailable the color was when I started looking around for it...
What a lovely koi.
It's my favorite of all the fish because of its expression. The koi hang out at a local Japanese Garden, and are irresistible subject for my camera.
I love that quirky duck foot!
When I think about photos of duck feet, this one always comes to mind. I think it's because I always see the top of the foot but rarely catch a glimpse of the bottom. It was nice of this duck to show me!
Ooooh, love them both. I realized after I posted my orange house shot that I have a cool orange fish photo, too, but yours is much more expressive (and it's sharper, too).
Well, the photo I really wanted was a clown fish I saw in an aquarium at a local hospital. But I was there after dark and the lights in the waiting area were dim, so my photos weren't very sharp. And then, before I could try more shots, the lights in the aquarium went out! I suppose it was the fishies bedtime :-)
Ooooh, I forgot that I have a couple of Nemo shots, too. Now I'm hoping we get "fish" or something similar as a prompt.
Being on the hunt for orange, they caught my eye right away. I hope you can use yours when the right prompt comes along. Mine are very...well...fuzzy clown fish photos.