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Smile please

September 2019



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Autumn leaves

anobjectinspace in photo_scavenger


This is Morena. She DID NOT WANT the juggling balls so I only got one, sadly slightly off focus photo out of her before I put her back in her tank. What kind of a photographer's mouse is she?!


Oh what wonderful photos - both of them. They made me smile and smile.
Thanks :-) The subjects of them always make me smile, too. With a crazy dog and nine mice I rarely have a boring day!
Those are both fabulous! It's a real toss-up as to who's cuter.
Thanks :-) I was so lucky the only photo of Morena I got there was so pretty... she was really not loving the shoot. She started a couple of squabbles back in the mouse condo too so, think she was just having a cranky day.
Cute! Is she as patient to balance treats on her nose as well? :S

Ohhhh precious!! That almost looks painful for her :D
Oh, she gives me such death glares while she's doing it. But the rewards are worth it!
Oh, I love these! Obviously, the mouse is a true artist and needs to feel the motivation to perform at her best. Those with talent are so temperamental!
That sounds about right for her. I have nine mice and she is definitely my most temperamental!
I have tried to get Bo to balance something on his nose! He's a very smart dog and should figure it out, but getting him to stay still...

Firstly: Yeah, it's the keeping them still that's the issue. Especially during training and photoshoots, the AMOUNT of times a photo has been wrecked because Holly licked her lips from the last treat and whatever was on her nose fell off *headdesk*

Secondly: I LOVE you for your icon!
Hee. I can't take credit for the idea, a friend of ours came up with it, I just made the icon.

So cute, both of them!