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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Guess whose car this is?


My daughter brought the sign back from Australia for me.

I have three, somewhat similar, examples of 'Yellow' that amuse me, too

This is a sign in a hedgerow near my mother's house -

365 week 12 Wednesday

And these two are actually my daughter's, from her recent trip to Australia -

sign 2

And my favourite -



I have that same wombat sign! I bought it the first time I was in Australia, and it used to hang in my kitchen by the back door. I need to get a better hook for it, though, because every time I closed the door, the whoosh of air made it fall off, so for the moment it's on hiatus.

Anyway...great signs, and great response to the prompt.
Oh, poor bird! Those Aussies are funny.
It really gave me the giggles when she showed me that one!
The wombat sign was a really good gift - and the duck sign makes me smile every time I see I - but D-d's last one was too good not to share.
The last one put me away!
It gave me the giggles, too!
I was laughing at the highly effective snake sign, but that last sign wins all (unless you're a wombat, obviously)!
I gather the cassowaries are a bit prone to getting hit by cars...!
Oh. What great signs! Love them all. :)
Thank you! I really can't take credit for the last couple - well apart from her inheriting my eye for an interesting sign!
LOL You beat me to it!

I love the cassowary sign.
I love that sign, too - but couldn't take credit for that picture. But I thought of you as I realised 3 out of the 4 were Australian!
We actually have the slow duck crossing signs too... and it works whichever way you want to punctuate it. lol
Great signs!

Every time I see a sign like the ducks one, I read it wrong... poor slow ducks, they can't help it. :D

(It happens with the "slow children crossing," too.)
I read them like that every time, too. The ducks are probably pretty slow... :)
Probably so... I've had to stop for ducks crossing the road!
Amusing signs! Especially love the prone bird!
That one made me giggle when she showed it to me - but I am very attached to the wombat one she brought me home.
Wonderful, all of them. Quite the thing to brighten up a snowy day. That last one, though, is priceless!

I do think your car is quite smart looking!
I love that one, too - but can't take credit for it as my daughter took it! As for my car - here are better pics of it - I think it needed that touch of yellow to finish it off...