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Smile please

September 2019



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vo owl

dougalsservant in photo_scavenger


This was taken from the Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire in 2010.

I can't remember exactly where but somebody might tell me........


What a gorgeous wall. Did you do a walk through the area?
No. We'd been and bought some food and then drove that way to see what was there before going back to the holiday cottage for lunch.
We were having a very lazy holiday... The barn in my ion was across the road from that bit of wall.

Douglasservant and I have been friends for a long time and meet up somewhere for a break together now and again, which is why I am adding my comment!
Just across the road from the barn in this icon... :)
I know we drove left from the cottage to the next place and turned left; I cannot remember what that place is called and have been to lazy to go out to the car to get an atlas, especially as it is dark and drizzly. Generally this week the temperature has been up at least 10 deg C on the same day last year.
On the road from Hawes to Thwaite - a bit closer to Thwaite than Hawes, if I remember rightly.
Lovely! Beautiful wall.
I liked the wall. We do have drystone walls up here in Scotland but somehow they look very different.
Beautiful photo - and the name of the pass cracks me right up.
The story behind the name is.......
Beside the pass there are a lot of narrow and deep limestone pits and it is said that when the farmers were taking their butter to market, if it was hot, they would stop to rest and put their butter in the pits to keep cool. Thus Buttertubs!
Love those walls.