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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


Blue is hard, not because of a lack but because of an excess... blue is my favourite colour, so I have many photos of blue things.

One of our resident pairs of Pale Headed Rosellas. They are very chatty little birds and often follow me around the property chirping away.

My old cat (passed on many years ago now) Ioki when he was a kitten. He had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. This photo was taken on an old Kodak Brownie and has not been tinkered with in any way... just scanned and saved.

My current cats Jkeira (top) and Jeien, who do have beautiful blue eyes, just not as beautiful as Ioki's were.

Looking out towards Moreton Island from Woorim beach on Bribie Island

And lastly, Indigo, one very unhappy (just had a bath) blue (although he always looks so much darker in photos) hooded rat.


Pretty birds! Pretty kitties, pretty eyes, and yes... lots of blue! Indigo does not look happy. :)
LOL No between the looks Indy was giving me and the constant muttering, I'd say he made it pretty clear what his opinion of having a bath was... never mind that it was 43C that day and he'd been lying in his cage panting only a short while before.
Wonderful selection of blues, but I think the rosellas win, because it's so cool that they just live there in the wild and follow you around.
Like most parrots, they are both cheeky and nosy...so yeah, if you're outside, they have to know what you're doing.
Awww, I'm a sucker for blue eyes! I have a hard time resisting my own cats, but beautiful blue eyed Ioki would do me in everytime!
I am just a sucker and can't resist any animal. LOL But, yeah, Ioki always had me well and truly wrapped around his paw. lol
Pretty birds - and blue eyed kitties - wow.
Thank you. Living on property, we are lucky enough to get a lovely selection of birds visiting us each day.

I've had Siamese cats all my life, so blue-eyed kitties are 'normal' to me. lol
Indigo might come in very useful next week!
LOL That's okay, I have one that should be perfect for next week.
I love all your blues!

I adore Siamese--such beautiful eyes and interesting personalities. Loki's eyes are gorgeous!
Thank you! I've grown up with Siamese, so they are just 'normal' cats to me... I don't even notice that they are particularly talkative until someone comes over and mentions it. lol

It's actually ioki, the font just makes it look like a L... he was named after a character in 21 Jump Street.
Awesome blues! I was hoping to post a pic of one of our blue-eyed boys, too. (Loves my Siameses!)
Aww...your icon is gorgeous! Siamese kitties (or Sandwich Cats as they are called in our family, due to my daughter not being able to say Siamese when she was little) have such big personalities.
That's my baby! I was going to post a shot of blue-eyed Churro in a blue blanket, but LJ is giving me problems -- when I try to post photos it keeps giving me a "disk full" error!

Oh to be at that beach today .....

I love that the birds follow you around chirping too. And such beautiful kitties.
Parrots are generally very nosy little creatures, so they have to follow you around or they might miss something important! lol