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I'll have to beg your indulgence for my blue photos, as these date back a few years. Whenever I hear mention of the Sea of Galilee, or Capernaum, as I did this morning in church, I always get a little nostalgic, thinking back to my trip to Israel in 2008. So I dug through my photos from the trip and came up with a few favorites. I think this week's challenge will show quite a variety of objects photographed against beautiful blue sky...

This first is my favorite view at Bet Shean, an archaeological site:
Coolpix1 511

This is the sign at a restaurant where we ate near Cesarea Phillipi (quite blue--but note the Christmas tree!):
Coolpix1 471

And lastly, looking out across the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes (this a wee bit dark, but it was taken with my Nikon Coolpix, before I had a digital SLR, and to the best of my knowledge it's not "photoshopped."):
Coolpix1 375
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