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Green and Blue

I know, I'm running late with green.  Thing is, I knew I was going to be attending the US National Figure Skating Championships this weekend, and I decided to trust that someone would wear something green for me to shoot.  Skating spoilers under the cut, for those who care.

As it turns out, this didn't happen until the exhibitions after the competition, but it was a green worth waiting for.  Completely, unambiguously, green.  This is Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue skating their exhibition program after winning the bronze medal in ice dance:

For blue, I was spoiled for choice:  there were 7 pictures I considered for you and I uploaded them all to photobucket, but I've settled on these two for very different reasons.  First is this one of Morgan Bell.  She skated first in the Ladies' long program and placed 18th, so she'll never be shown on TV and she actually had a fairly pretty lay back spin; flawed foot position, but at least she isn't pointing her toe, and she really lays back into the spin.

Then there's this one of Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker skating the exhibition, after they earned the silver medal in pairs.  Mary Beth is just a kid of 16, and she and Rockne have been skating together for just a few minutes, but she looks as though she is having the time of her life.

Finally, this is neither green nor blue, but don't worry - if we get to violet I have plenty of options.  I just thought that if anyone else in the community cares for figure skating, you might like this one from the warm up for the long program, with reigning national and world champion ice dancers, Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  Damn, but it's hard to get a decent action shot when they move so fast!

I took a ridiculous number of pictures and I'm currently sorting them out and identifying which are the better shots.  If anyone tells me that you'd be interested, I will create an album on line somewhere and post a link to this community.
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