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Smile please

September 2019



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I was a bit spoilt for choice this week - we have had beautiful blue skies, all the signs at work are blue on white (or white on blue), I (like Harry Dresden) drive a blue car ... or I could have taken a photo of my nose this morning after I walked to work ... very cold!!

Instead I chose to take the pocket of my uniform ... the style is that of hospital scrubs (but heavier material) ... with this logo on the right hand pocket. I work as an Auxilliary Nurse - thus the colour of the uniform ... blue.



How cheery! It's such a sunny, happy blue that I'm sure it helps reassure patients.
*g* .... It's a nice thought. I'm not a fan of the colour blue, but that has given a positive image of the outfit.
Wow, all these Brits that are here always makes me smile (I'm exiled (by choice) in the US).

I spent a lot of summer holidays in Devon/Somerset/Cornwall, specifically at the Weston-Super-Mare beach :) I have family in Dartmouth too.
Love the icon - I have had a couple of trips to the USA and if it weren't for family here I may have been tempted.

Glad to bring back memories of family holidays!
That's a lovely colour for a uniform... nice and cheery.
Glad others like it - but there again, I'm just not a "blue" person!
Makes me smile (though that's because of four happy years at the university, rather than the blue as such!). So thank you!
Exeter is a lovely city - so glad I brought back some good memories for you.
I'm with you that blue isn't my favorite color to wear, but my favorite, black, might be a bit discouraging to patients.
*g* ... the male ward clerks wear black (the female wear pink, with black) ... so it is around as a "colour".

My favourite colour is green ... but I would have to train to be a doctor to wear that!