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Smile please

September 2019



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wildrider in photo_scavenger


Boy, I have a lot of blue pictures. And blue things. So let's see...

Blue eyes under blue blanket:

The blue, blue Caribbean:

The light through some of my many blue bottles:

More of my blue bottles:

Blue cracker jar:

And because nutmeg3 suggested it...


I realized after I finished the shoot I forgot one; I have a TARDIS teacup, too, but it's in the china hutch...


Look at all those Tardises! Seeing them all lined up like that made me think someone needs to sell a set of Tardis kitchen cannisters.

Also, I think that's the bluest water I've ever seen.
Well, the biggest TARDIS is a cookie jar, so there is certainly an opening for more kitchen-related merchandise! :D

I took that shot from deck five of the Allure -- it looked like that all week! Beautiful sea!
Cute kitty!

I love all your blue bottles. I've been working on making a blue bottle tree for my backyard, but I don't drink anything in a blue bottle, so it's been slow going. I need to make friends with someone who drinks Skyy vodka!

I feel underprivileged--I have only one Tardis!
Some of those blue bottles came from various kinds of mineral/seltzer water, tea, wine, ice wine; there's a brand of Moscato I'm drinking now that comes in a blue bottle!

I need to set up a bottle tree -- I need to have a place for all my bottles!

The big one is a cookie jar, then the "flight control" TARDIS, then the USB port, the "rotating and hovering" TARDIS, one that goes off when one's cell phone does, and the smallest one is a keychain. I'm not sure how I managed to collect so many, but suddenly, there they were...!
My kids used to drink a caffeine laced concoction called Ballz. I saved those blue bottles:

IMG_3687 (Large) Valentine

I don't have a good photo of the stand, but it really needs larger bottles that the 16 oz. Ballz. Skyy vodka would be perfect, but I only drink about once a year, and I wouldn't waste that on vodka! Bourbon comes in such plain bottles (I use it for cooking, too.)
I think I have a Ballz bottle somewhere that someone gave me; the intense cobalt-blue bottles were very popular in the mid-to-late 90's.
Kitty! Such a pretty kitty.

I love your Tardis collection, and the pretty blue bottles, and the water is beautiful.
What a fantastic collection of pics! I do like your bottle collection - but agree with Nutmeg that the row of tardises really do suggest that someone should make Tardis kitchen canisters - they would be really cool.
That would be awesome. Since the big one is a cookie jar, it would be a logical next step!
Gorgeous, especially the light through your blue bottles. And your incredible TARDIS collection makes me smile.

I just discovered a free knitting pattern for TARDIS socks. I have a feeling it's going to jump the queue...
I think I picked up that TARDIS socks pattern, but I'm still a newbie at socks so I just shuffled it under "someday" patterns!

I'm glad you like!
That's my favorite flavor of Arizona Iced Tea!

That cracker jar is beautiful, and the sea looks like an industrial sized bottle of food coloring got dumped into it. SO PRETTY.
I loved it, too; I haven't seen it in YEARS, though!

Yes, every day it looked like that -- blue on blue with blue intensity!
Such very blue water, I love it.