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Smile please

September 2019



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Converse - I heart my Chucks

spikereader in photo_scavenger


Everyone has posted such pretty purple things this week, so I thought I'd go for something a bit more mundane - purple cleaning anyone?

Week 6 - Purple

However, as like lots of you I love purple, behind the cut are some purple pretties (though not of my deep purple bridesmaids' dresses nor my three pairs of purple Converse, as I couldn't find any pics of those!).

Week 6 - Purple clematis dark

Week 6 - Purple clematis 1

Week 6 - Purple Buble

Week 6 - Lavender

Week 6 - Purple clematis


I have vacuum cleaner envy. And dustpan and brush envy. That's some awesome purple!
Me too! :D
*clings* They're all mine! *g*
We got it to clean up cat hair from three newish kittens - that it was purple was an absolute bonus!
That first shot made me LOL! I actually have a small combo vacuum (one of those tiny uprights) and dust-buster type thing, and I ordered it in purple vs. boring black and some other color choice.
The purple was a happy accident, we wanted the cleaner because it was a 'pet' one, and that it was purple was an unexpected bonus.
We have that vaccuum cleaner, or one much like it! It cleans great and it makes me happy to look at it.

But I really love your two big purple clematis. They look like silk taffeta.
I haven't found a cupboard space yet to keep the dyson in, but I don't mind as it makes me happy to look at it too!

The dark purple clematis doesn't flower very often, but the light one is a stunner every spring. Glad you liked them. :)
LOL Almost vacuum cleaner snap... I have the gold version. I *heart* my Dyson!

I love your lavender, so lovely and thick... mine needs a good hard pruning as it's gone all straggly.
I love mine too! *g*

I don't know how the lavender is going to look this year as I haven't cut the dead flowers off yet, hopefully I won't cut into the new growth when I do get round to it.
That's a very pretty Dyson - mine is red and I love it to pieces.

The flowers are beautiful too, of course.
I haven't even bothered to find cupboard space yet for the dyson, I like to look at it so much! *g* (Plus it makes me more likely to use it if it's out on view).

Is that a Dyson? Pretty.
It is indeed a Dyson, and the fact that it's purple makes me smile every time I use it. *g*
I have a purple Dyson, clematis, and lavender, but I don't have a purple Michael Buble'. You win!
Purple Michael Buble holds a special place in my heart. *g*