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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I feel I could justifiably post any picture taken near home - after all our National Anthem begins;

Oh land of our birth,
Oh gem of God's Earth...

Here's a wee bit of the gem showing a good bit of earth, if not of Earth;

Garey Glass

The mosaic plaque says Garey Glass - Manx for Green Garden. It is in one of the public gardens within spray distance of the sea, and not terribly green just at the moment.

But, even so close to the edge, things are growing...



Oh my god do you live in the Isle of Man? My grandparents did until they moved a few years ago and I visited them there throughout my childhood.
I do indeed - well spotted!
How nice to see daffs growing out of the good earth!
I was very happy to see them - hopefully they won't get snowed on; we haven't had any snow... yet.
You green up so much faster than we do.
I'm hoping they're not too early - we haven't had any snow... yet!
I wondered if you received some of the bitter cold and snow that Europe had. We've had a very mild winter. We had snow two days ago, and it's freezing now, but we've had just a handful of snowfalls this winter, and none of them have been deep. And I'm not complaining in the least. I'm not a fan of winter, and I'm quite ready for spring.
Beautiful little plaque.

Befoore I "met" you, I had heard of the Isle of Man, of course, but I never really thought about it as anything except where Manx cats came from. But after reading your posts and, most of all, seeing your pictures, it's become a place I would love to visit someday.
The plaques were made by local community groups working with a couple of professionals.

You'd be welcome to visit any time - I do good guided tours...
Come on daffs!

That mosaic is really pretty.