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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger


We've probably all heard the saying "Like water off a duck's back."

But do we ever see what that really looks like?

Warning--this is a bit picture heavy, but I couldn't resist. I'm a bit of a duck connoisseur.

Duck Bath 1

Duck Bath 2

Evening Bath 2

And one other, for good measure. He looks like he's having so much fun!
Week 33-7


Great set of photos! And I had no idea you "collected" ducks. What is it that draws you to them?
Thank you!

I've always been interested in birds, but they're rather hard to photograph unless they're large. And ducks just the right size...

But it's my camera's fault, really, and my first 365 photo project here on LJ. I live just a few minutes from a lake here in Seattle, and some friends and I walk the lake Saturday mornings.

So I'd take pictures then, and started stopping there on my way home from work, and walking there by myself on Sundays, usually taking my camera along. The ducks are just all around, and I got interested in them as subjects for the camera. I was there often enough that first year that I could recognize particular ducks, mainly because of the other ducks they'd hang out with. There was a group of 5 mallard males, I think it was, and a group of 3 males that always had a saxony with them.

And of course the more time you spend around them, the more things you learn about their behavior, and then you see more varieties of ducks, and...I'd see how beautiful their feathers are. Sometimes I swear I see them laugh.

I'd seen sparrows splashing in ponds but had never seen ducks dunking themselves. And there were times, as you see in these photos, that I just wanted a photographic challenge and never dreamed what the camera would show me...

A longwinded answer--and I don't know if I've really explained it well... The camera has taught me a lot.
That was a great answer. Thank you.
They are lovely - and waterproof :)
Quite waterproof. I never realized how waterproof they really are!
What a fun use of the prompt!
It is, isn't it? I knew I had plenty of water pics but wanted a different "take" on the prompt.
It is fun to see the water just sliding off!
I was amazed at how the water hardly seems to touch them.
Yay! I love ducks!
I'm so glad you do!

BTW, I like your icon :-)
Ducks are always so adorable (except when they're demolishing my veggie patch)! Great shots.
What a neat illustration of the saying.