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Smile please

September 2019



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hilleviw in photo_scavenger


Okay.  I couldn't choose.

First up, big water:  the Pacific, at Bodega Bay.

Next up, little water:  a stream in Cumbria as the sun started to set.

Finally, sentimental water:  that's me, forty years ago, when the River Wey flooded the village of Byfleet, where we lived.

Obviously I didn't take this one, it's a scan of an ancient slide my dad took, but it's one of my all time favorite photos of myself.  I'm particularly fond of the scarlet wellies.


Yes, I was particularly admiring those red wellies!

Lovely pics.
Thank you. Apparently mum had fairly good taste.
All lovely.

I love the little stream, so pretty.

And the wellies!

Funnily enough, my grandfather had a Paddington bear made for me many years ago, and of course he has a pair of children's red wellies which just happen to be removable...both my kids borrowed when they were little... they are now back on Paddington's feet waiting for Kairi to grow big enough to borrow them.
You see why I couldn't choose, then?
That picture of Cumbria is gorgeous - but you in your red wellies beats even that!
Are you old enough to remember the rains of 1968? I remember people using rowboats to get around the estate. It was all very exciting and fun for me at the time, though as an adult I wince at how awful it must have been trying to repair and replace everything.
I'm certainly old enough - but we don't really flood much, so it isn't really something I remember at all.
The red wellies definitely make the outfit! :) Great pics.
The first two are wonderful, but it's you in your red wellies for the win.
What a wonderful childhood shot.
I love those, especially the Bodega Bay one. And the red wellies, of course!

BTW, you really need to go see the Brett Weston exhibit at Turnbull Winery in Napa. It's amazing. It'll be there through the end of March. Info here: