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Smile please

September 2019



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stormy weather

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Water Challenge.

Those who know me know that water is a regular subject for me - it is pretty inevitable, living on an island in a stormy sea!

Looking at the weather forecast I don't think I'm likely to be able to take a better picture this week that this one, taken on 29th November last year;

stormy weather Nov 2011 Douglas 3

But there are also a couple of slightly different ones

This is a wee stream in a glen a few miles from our house;

Port Soderick 4

and this abstract pattern is the sun shining on sea water caught in creases in the rocks near our house;

365 week 50 Friday


Oh wow! That first one is an absolutely incredible shot!!! The others are good too, but I've had the hardest time getting good shots of waves... so I'm very impressed!
We get enough storms to have a chance to catch the waves sometimes!
That first shot is just incredible!
I was really pleased with it - it give the sense of power and movement, I think.
Ah, leave it to you to have amazing water photos!
I do have something of an advantage... I'd be OK with 'rock' or 'sand' too!
You captured the curl in that first one utterly brilliantly, but I love the textures of the third picture.
I was really pleased with the rough sea one - but, like you, I love the textures and the 'abstractness' of that third one. too.
So much power in that top shot. What a peaceful glen.
Thank you - the small island has quite a lot of contrasts in a small space.
Wow to the first shot. The second is beautiful, but my favorite is the third one; so different and artistic...it almost looks as if taken from an airplane looking down at mountains.
Thank you. I really liked the effect of the sun and the water on the rocks, too.
What a study in contrasts!
Thank you. We pack quite a lot of contrasts into our small island.