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I have a lot of shots of water, because like many desert-dwellers, I'm fascinated by the stuff.

I'll start with the incongruity of water IN the desert, the Tempe Town Lake:

For those who don't know, the Tempe Town Lake is a gigantic fake lake built in the (usually dry) riverbed of the Salt River between Phoenix and Tempe. It was originally filled with Colorado River water, because Tempe did not have water rights to water from the Salt (which is retained mostly in a reservoir in the mountains behind Roosevelt Dam). Now I believe it's Salt River water, after the little dams which built it burst and sent all the original water downstream to the Gila River.

I took this in Rhode Island the week or so after Hurricane Irene:

The pond in Central Park, with the Bow Bridge:

Water on the water -- me trying to do the Flow Rider aboard the Allure of the Seas:

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