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Smile please

September 2019



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willowgreen in photo_scavenger


The kids had school vacation last week, so we took a quick trip up to Sonoma. On our first day, we drove up to Turnbull Winery in Napa to see the Brett Weston exhibit (if you're in the area and you're interested enough in photography to be reading Photo Scavenger, go see it -- it's truly amazing). The guy at the winery suggested we drive a little further up the road to Markham, where there's an exhibit of rock & roll photography by Baron Wolman, also amazing.

Why am I telling you all this? Because at Markham, I took a bunch of pictures of their lovely koi, including this one:


The next day we drove over to the coast and had lunch at Nick's Cove, where I took some pictures of beautiful Tomales Bay:


The pier at Nick's Cove


The Boat Shack at the end of the pier. Apparently they serve food there sometimes.


The water in that first shot is so clear that it's as if the koi are floating in air. So...two prompts in one? LOL!
Hee! Great concept. I'm still going to look for an "air" shot, though. :-)

Also, full disclosure: I'm putting everything through Lightroom now and really liking the results. The water didn't appear nearly as clear in the unedited photo!
Is Lightroom easy? ie: Can I, pretty much a complete idiot about this stuff, teach myself how to use it relatively easily? I don't find Photobucket all that intuitive a lot of the time, and I'm hoping this is better in that regard.
I was lucky enough to have a couple of quick one-on-one tutorials on using Lightroom 3 to improve photo quality with people who are very familiar with it, and after the second one I went home and started using it pretty confidently. Then I signed up for a 4-hour course that focused more on using it as a photo organizer. So I'd say it's quite easy to pick up if you have someone show you what to do with it. Unfortunately, though, I think I'd have been hopelessly confused if I'd just jumped in and tried to figure it out myself.

But I do think it's easier to use than Photoshop once you get the concept. I find myself newly confused every time I open up Photoshop Elements, whereas I find the structure of Lightroom much simpler.
Thank you for this info. I was debating, figuring I could always buy one of the millions of how-to guides that must be availsble, and then it showed up as Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day this morning, and for $89.99, I decided to go for it. So...here's hoping I can work my way through it.
Good for you! I think you'll like it. :-)
Loved the koi shot.
The koi shot is beautiful, so clear and colourful. I love the pier heading way way out into the water too.
Thank you!