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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger


It's taken me a while to find a photo that illustrates what I wanted to show for this prompt.

We say here that "the mountain makes it's own weather." At 14,000+ feet, when the conditions are right, the air flowing up and over Mount Rainier makes clouds. Sometimes there are lenticular clouds, which sit a ways above the top of the mountain and look like a stereotypical UFO--round and flat. I've watched the mountain on days where there's just a wisp of a cloud that comes and goes, and at those times it's easy to see that the air flow is creating the wisp of cloud. And then sometimes the clouds look like this:


This was taken on a beautifully sunny day, but as you see, the mountain does makes its own weather!
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That's so cool!
I'm glad you think so! It's not an easy prompt. :-)
I feel as if I know Mount Rainier well - both you and julia_here have shown me many faces of it. And this is a very beautiful one.

Also - I love the rejoicing gentleman on the right.
I'm glad to show the mountain around. And see, you'll be a bit familiar with it already if you ever happen to make it !over here.

I did not intend to have that fellow in the frame. There's always a bit extra around the edges of the viewfinder that make it into photos with my Canon...

There were quite a few people around playing in the snow. We all felt very clever when we got to this spot (called Alta Vista) because we hiked up steep trails and through snow at times--mercifully most of that was on the flat. I think maybe some one was taking his picture. He makes me think of an orchestra conductor... :-)
Our neighbor... I love to view the mountain from a ferry boat crossing the sound. Seattle looks so little by comparison.

Nice picture. What a stunning day. We could use that right about now. :)
Isn't it nice to have a neighbor like this?

It was quite a lovely day, but this was at the end of August last year. I'm still amazed when I see all the snow in this photo. But yes, those lovely warm temps...they can't come soon enough for me!
What an amazing place to live near. The mountain definitely wanted some cloud cover that day - fascinating.
I count myself lucky to have been born here. The mountain dominates this area, at least for me. I always look for it when I'm out and about, as it is very visible even here in Seattle. When I'm up at the mountain I like to just sit and watch it, because you never quite know what will happen cloud wise--and otherwise. I've even seen a couple of avalanches--though from quite a safe distance away.
My husband's aunt lived on Puget Sound, and we never were able to visit while she was alive. I'm still hopeful we'll manage to see Mount Rainier in the near future.