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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


We got rid of our coal fire about 15 years ago - and I have never, ever, regretted it! We do have a rather nice electric one - but getting a picture of it looking as if it has real flames is difficult.

So I went searching my files instead and something caught my eye as I skimmed through - but it turned out not to be 'fire' after all - I will, however, post it as a second, under the cut, so you can see why it drew my eye when I thought of this prompt.

This picture really is, at least sort of, relevant.


Sadly I took it with a not terribly good camera - but it is the baby fire engine from Ramsey. They do have two proper, full sized ones - whereas this looks more like a Tonka toy - you can see how small it is from the cars around it. The words on the side say 'Shirveish Mooghey as Sauail Ellan Vannin' - translated literally 'Service Extinguish and Rescue Isle-of-Man'.

It is used for going off-road to attend accidents on hills or farms, and gorse fires and so on - and is pretty neat in snow and ice too.

This said 'fire' to me when I saw it in passing - but actually it is an arrangement of flowers in church and it was actually an illustration of the lines

The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;

from All Things Bright and Beautiful.

365 week 18 Sunday

It is almost the only time I've ever contributed anything to a flower festival - I made the black birds in the tree, and helped one of the children make the sheep who is also silhouetted, near the back!)


Today I had to pull over to let a fire engine pass me ... and thought that if I had my camera with me, I could follow and maybe get the missing image for this prompt!

Great pics - in both cases.
I did think abut a candle flame - but I did that for another prompt last year.
We had a wood-burning fireplace when we moved in, and we converted it to gas. I'm not that fond of hauling wood in and ash out!

I like the cute little fire engine.

The flowers are beautiful.
I'm not that fond of hauling wood in and ash out!

That was us, too. And if we were both at work the fire would need to be lit when we got in, before anything else - and it was still a couple of hours before it had heated the water enough for us to put the central heating on.

Those flowers were gorgeous - the lady who designed it and then converted her design into reality is very talented!
Cutest fire engine ever! The Tonka truck comparison is perfect. And I completely see why the second photo said "fire" to you.
The wee fire engine is cute - although also very practical.

I had actually forgotten the theme for that flower festival - and was surprised when I looked at it properly to realise it wasn't 'fire'.