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Smile please

September 2019



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Favorite Doctor

wildrider in photo_scavenger


I'm going to go completely literal:

This is our shiny new firepit, a feature of our tiki bar.

Welcome to our desert paradise...


So pretty. I want to come to your house and drink Diet Coke at the bar. :-)
That would be awesome. Come in spring or autumn and we can fire up the grill! :)

We want to use it as much as possible before it gets too hot to do so!
It's never too hot to BBQ! My stepfather makes the Christmas turkey in the Webber every year (usually in temps of 100F plus)--it tastes fantastic!
Well, not too hot to get the grill going, but too hot to sit out there and eat! This is Phoenix in July-August we're talking about! I'll cook outside, but sitting out there without a misting system would be torture!

It all looks great. I don't think Barb posted any fully completed pics (or I just missed the post), the last I remember seeing is the pavers had just gone down. You've done a great fabulous job.
It's not perfect, but we did pretty well for a couple of old broads! :)

You weren't kidding about the tiki bar! My husband wanted one we saw somewhere, but we rarely spend time outdoors relaxing. If I'm outside, I can't sit if I know there are weeds to pull, roses to prune, or something to tidy.
We definitely have weeds to pull, but we took the time to relax, anyway! Barb and I took our weird obsessive adoration of Disneyland's Tiki Room and made our dream come true! :D
Tiki Hut

This is my husband trying to talk me into a pre-fab Tiki hut. That's as close as he got. We need a new front door worse!
That's far more awesome than ours. For how we built ours, check out rahirah's journal -- it's built of reed fencing, bamboo, and and old bookcase...

We thought about buying a fully-built one, but making one was much, much cheaper...
That certainly looks like a good place to spend an evening... or an afternoon or two.
We've been having fun with it -- we have a foldout gazebo to go over it in the summertime (no torches if it's up, though!).