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Smile please

September 2019



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OK - James

debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Fire, Hear, See

Ooops, RL took over, so am doing a 3 picture catch-up post.

The first, FIRE, is a bit of a sideways thought (again) and was actually taken last summer when I went with a friend to see the replica of The Golden Hind in South Devon. 


HEAR is a picture of my clarinets - I have just left the orchestra I have been a member of for the last 25 years (due to a house move).


SEE was taken yesterday - it was my parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary and we had the family together and got some photos done ... it just amused me to see their dog, Jiffy, watching all the poses ... this is "the grandchildren" getting organised.  btw in the final pictue of us all, Jiffy actually turned to face the camera in the line-up!



What an excellent cannon!

I do like your Mum's dress.
I had thought about "fire" for a couple of weeks, then remembered my trip to Brixham ... there were some "pretty" weapons in days gone by.

Mum loved her dress as soon as she tried it on ... and felt comfy in it (more pics soon on my LJ)
As usual, Jiffy is supervising I see. :)
Poor Jiffy - he has to work so hard all the time!
Very clever responses all.
Thanks very much - I am trying to keep up this year, as I failed terribly last year!
Some nifty takes! Nice family shot! :)
Thank you, very much.

I just couldn't resist taking that image of Jiffy watching the proceedings! (There will be some "proper" pics of the day up on my LJ later)
One of these days, I want a cannon that size. I can just imagine the satisfactory "boom" it would have.

It would be hard to leave something you've been a part of for so long. Do you plan to look up another orchestra in your new area?

Many congratulations to your parents!
LOL - they had some really stunning weapons, didn't they? Much better than the modern "Welcome Mat"

It was weird to leave the orchestra after 26 years ... I am looking locally, but so far, no luck.

Thank you - it was great to celebrate their diamond anniversary.