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Touch (Smell, Hear, See and also Fire...)

So I've been failing to participate... Oops. (When you see how pathetic my thing for fire is, you will understand why I lost heart for a while.) But here you go for a tactile, textured, touch entry - don't you just want to run your fingers all over it:

I went and got 'smell' today, specially for you, and not at all because I was running out of delicious shower gel. Hello, Jo Malone store. You always, always make me want to buy too much. (And spend ages at this horseshoe of their fragrances, spraying them all and sniffing and wanting to buy everything...)

'Hear' is a lousy photo but is also the other part of the explanation for me not being around, for I was organising a conference for 100 people, with 18 speakers, and lots of sideshow stuff as well. It was, I promise, much more fun than this looks...

'See' is a surprise, because I didn't think this would come out - it's taken from the top deck of a bus. This place isn't secret or anything, but hanging around with a camera might get taken the wrong way. It's the home of the Office of the Apostolic Nuncio, the representative of the Holy See in Great Britain. Basically, the ambassador for the Pope, hence the massive gold crest over the door, including the papal tiara. (This is not too far from me, in a part of London with a fair few embassies, and other official residences. When a major explosion happened at an oil depot many miles away in 2005 (Buncefield, for those who remember it), the bang could be heard round my way, and near my parents too. My dad woke up thinking it was a bomb in one of these embassies, because he'd heard such things before - I'm obviously too young to remember that part...)

And 'fire'... If I promise someday to take a photo of the plaque commemorating where the Great Fire of London was stopped in 1666 (which was my cunning plan but then I didn't have my camera or it was too dark on both times I passed it), will you forgive me for this one? Besides, it's London. Fire makes us nervous... *g*

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