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I have to admit to doing sweet in a big way. My favourite course of most meals is pudding, and I especially love to bake.

So I was a bit spoilt for choice when it came to this challenge. Here is a picture of my most recent batch of, nicely sweet, cupcakes - baked for my daughter's recent 24th birthday.

But I have added a bit more of my baking, and a favourite example of a good pudding, or two,

Another birthday cake - a bit bigger this time -


And i love decorating the Christmas Cake -

Christmas cake

It is a mother/daughter bonding thing we bake it together and ice it together!)

And here is a favourite pudding, or two -

lemon merigue

That was lemon meringue pie with ice cream, from a favourite local café. Whereas this -

A pudding worth photographing!

is probably the most artistic pudding I've ever eaten - from the Hilton on Park Lane in London, where I attended a rather grand awards ceremony. It was described as 'chocolate and green tea fondant with a mint ice-cream' - I wasnt the only person to take out the camera before dipping in with the spoon, either.
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