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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

Savory (note spelling)

No, I'm not taking the US spelling side in this, but I've managed to find some Savory for you (at least, I think it's winter savory, it might be summer savory which has a separate wiki entry)!

I say 'managed to find' not because I've bought it specially, just that I finally managed to remember in which of my various stashes of lesser-used spices I'd concealed it. Savory isn't that much used in cooking, or not the cuisines I know best, but my Mum has one recipe for baked pork chops with cider which does use it. Years ago I had a fancy to make the recipe, and discovered it was really hard to find a supply of the herb - when I did find it, it was this big jar, at least twice the size of most of my spice supplies and for something I probably use once a year, if that... As you can see by the state of it, and how full it still is, it has been unloved in the back of a cupboard for some time. Quite glad to have found it a starring role, finally!


I always think of savory as something you read about in historical novels when the author starts ddescribing some feast or other. It's nice to know it's still used occasionally.
Well done! I was wondering about looking for the actual plant - but I think you might get a plate of cheese scones instead...
Wow-good thinking. I actually had the plant in my fridge and never thought about it...
Not a herb I've heard of (though your baked pork chops in cider recipe sounds lovely). So the community is educational, as well, as I've looked up and learned something!
Sounds as if it's time to make pork chops with cider again! It's interesting which spices I fly through and which linger forever. I buy embarrassingly large containers of cinnamon, chili powder, and black peppercorns.