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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

Female and male

I've fallen terribly behind (again), and hope to catch up over the next few weeks.


I keep chickens (or chooks, as we call them here in Australia). Here is a pic of three of my girls, one laying pullet and two just approaching lay (our older hen is moulting, so she's off sitting in the sun and feeling sorry for herself)...

And the yummy little treat (only the one on the left is real, the other is a ceramic egg) the black chook gives us each day...


Apparently chickens are much happier with a rooster around to protect them, find them yummy things to eat, and generally make them feel safer. However, they also love to crow (all night long!), make the hens more likely to go broody and encourage them to hide their eggs, so meet Tinny, our very well behaved and very quiet rooster...

And here he stands guard over his girls from his spot in the herb garden...


Hee! I wondered when you said rooster... Very clever. And do the girls believe he's real?
LOL Nah, they just ignore him... but he looks pretty.
How pretty they are!
They are!

We've had our older girl (an ISA Brown that my son hand raised as a school assignment) for a few years, and the Australorp (black) for a few months, the other two pictured here (a blue and red laced Wyandotte, and a Wellsummer) we only just bought on the weekend... I'm totally in love with chickens, and as I have 10 acres and have plenty of room for them to roam around, I plan on getting some more (chicks and ducklings to hand raise) in spring...I want to have a lovely little mixed flock of many different breeds.

I foresee much baking in my future! lol
Lovely! And I have to laugh. All of a sudden I know 4 lj people with chickens, after years of not knowing any.
LOL We've had a chook for a few years now, but recently decided more is better--fresh eggs are so much nicer than shop-bought ones, and I just love watching them pottering about the yard.
It's quite the phenomena! All of a sudden, it seems everyone is raising chickens. I even checked our city ordinances to see what the rules are. I was astounded to see I could raise 15 in my backyard! If all my neighbors did the same, we'd have a chicken infestation! I have a hard enough time dealing with my garden, and it doesn't mind if I don't feed it annually--the chickens certainly would!

I do like the look of contented chickens scratching about.
Yeah, I think you're allowed 10 or 15 on a suburban block here, and I'm sure they would be fine poking around and finding things to eat...but they'd probably appreciate it if you didn't forget to give them their grain each day as well. lol

I only have four at the moment as I only have a very small chook house, but by spring hubby should have finished the much bigger house for them to go away safe from foxes at night, and we will be getting several more chicks to hand raise, as well as some ducklings (I LOVE duck eggs).
The girls are very, very, pretty.