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Hmm - of course any picture I take during the average day is a picture of 'Europe' -here's one I took last week, here, on the very edge of Europe -

Niarbyl 019

But to me, Europe is really defined by the depth of history, and the way that we live alongside it without really letting it get in the way of everyday life... I have posted two pictures to illustrate what I mean

Both these pictures are taken in Italy - the first one in Rome -

Italy 9

Basically, "We're sorry the floor is uneven but, hey, blame it on the people who made it - almost 2,000 years ago."

And this one -

Venice wi-fi

Just in case you can't see why I love that - it is on a pole in a canal in Venice. Again - "Yeah, we live in one of the most romantic and historic cities in the world - but we need to live normal lives, guys - and that means WiFi these days."
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