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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger



You might wonder why this is the picture for Australia... The first thing I think of when I think of Australia is my husband's family - this is my sister-in-law when she was last visiting us. (I don't think of my husband as he is not Australian - the rest of the family emigrated and left him behind!)

That, of course, is a picture I took myself - but there are three pics below the cut that are much more what people think of when they think Australia - taken by my daughter who has visited her aunt and grandparents a couple of times.

Sydney opera house 3


roos 2

Yep - Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, a sun-kissed surfer, and a couple of kangaroos - I think that says Australia!


Those last pics really make me think of Australia. I am having a hard time with this prompt, since I have never been. I am trying to look around here for something, but so far...zilch.
I had so many Australia pics on my computer - and hadn't taken one myself!

Perhaps you need a bit of lateral thinking - maps, books - the travel section of the library...

The icon is my daughter on a yacht off the Australian coast.
Those kangaroos made me go awwwww. I've been to Australia twice, but both times I was still shooting on film. Gah!
They do look really sweet - somewhere there are pictures, too, of the wallaby that my father-in-law feeds in their garden.
Tell D_d that the opera house pic is very well done!

(I still smile when I think of the road sign pics.)

Good choice of pics--defines the prompt well.

It's not an easy one, for sure. I have an idea of what I want to do, but it will have to wait for the weekend. I'm so far behind, but each week think maybe I can start again.
The Opera House pic is really good, isn't it? She has one which is just different sections of the tiling, which she had made into a jigsaw for me for Christmas.

. I'm so far behind, but each week think maybe I can start again.

But is is a friendly comm - no-one minds if you miss a prompt, or post a pile together.
Your daughter did a wonderful job with the composition of the opera house photo. Her photos scream "Australia!"
Your daughter did a wonderful job with the composition of the opera house photo.

Thank you on her behalf - I will pass your praise along to her!
I love the pic of the Opera House looking out towards the bridge... great shot!

Nice shot of Byron Bay too...shame about the skeg in the way. LOL
That is a good shot, isn't it? There is a picture of Byron Bay without the dude in the way, too!
I don't automatically think of S2C's family when I think of Australia *g*, but the other three are definitely iconic Australian pics.

She's a dab hand with a camera, your D-d.
She is, isn't she? I must pass the compliments on to her.