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Smile please

September 2019



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japanese autumn

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


I don't fly, so you're going to have to bear with me as I stretch myself and my photo collection for these prompts... So, knowing it won't be in Asia, guess where we are?


This is Brussels, in the winter of 2009, where the Europalia festival had a Chinese theme. This is one of their rather grand but bland pavilion exhibition spaces on the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg, which was completely covered in red and yellow 'Chinese lanterns' (does everyone know what I mean by that? I don't know what they're called outside the UK. Those collapsible paper lampshade things...). As you can see, they were making it into a kind of pavilion. Sadly, I was there when it was closed, and I can't now remember if they were exhibiting something or if this was the teahouse they set up which is all I can find by googling. But it was spectacular, and all the more so for it being very grim and lowering November weather!


Oh, so lovely and bright! Chinese lanterns are so pretty and delicate.
It was gorgeous; they all quivered in the breeze and cheered up this rather formal space no end.
It looks very much as if it is built out of lego...
Heh. No, much more delicate (and bigger). Love your icon, though.
I agree. That was my first thought.
That does brighten up the landscape beautifully - though I'm not sure the horse is impressed. Quite an achievement to get the building covered like that I would think, if those lanterns are all paper.
Considering the lanterns must have been up for months too... (I'm assuming it wasn't only in our honour. Europalia runs October-January, I think.) Maybe it was a special day or two, but whichever, it's very impressive.
Amazing! We call them Chinese lanterns in the States, too.

What I love about these prompts is that we, especially those of us who haven't traveled extensively, have to be very creative in posting!
Seems like it's a universal term, which is good to know!

It's great fun working out what we can possibly share. And I only realised belatedly that I famously work very close to a huge pagoda at Kew Gardens, which would have been a lovely subject for this week. Ah well, I'm sure it will do for another prompt!
Beautiful! I love how, from a distance, the lanterns look like LEGOs.