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September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

Catch-up post--Europe and Australia


Taken in Birmingham sometime in the 70's (as if the hairstyles/clothes etc didn't give that away)..I'd guess around '78 as I know we were in England when I was 10.
My nana, my mum, my step-grandfather, me and my cousin Joe... I do remember he was in a mood that day and at one stage had everyone in a tizz as he took off to 'walk home'...home being London!


This one was actually harder than you'd think...I was spoilt for choice, I guess (and I've already posted my iconically Australian pics previously), so I went with a view of my paddock looking down from the house towards the dam... very typically Australian (at least Queensland) bush... lots of gums (Eucalypts) and wattle (Acacia).

And some of our visitors:

An Eastern Brown snake (second most venomous land snake in the world).

A Pretty-faced Wallaby (we get these all the time)

One of our Magpies... they like to help me garden.

We've been getting a flock of Black Cockatoos visiting for the last week and I've tried to get a photo, but they always perch right up in the top of a gum, so all I end up with is a view of branches and sky and you just can't see the cockies. We regularly get Sulphur crested cockies--or house-eaters as we've nicknamed them as they started chewing on our bricks one day in protest when we didn't have any seed for them (after totalling the ceramic bird-feeder)--needless to say we have since stopped feeding them altogether! lol


Not going anywhere near that snake. Not, not, not. Love the walllaby and the "maggenpie," though. :-)
LOL I was following the snake around with the camera, and he took it in good grace until I got a little too close then he reared up to tell me to back off.

The maggies are lovely...such characters (and such lovely songs!)
Look at that cute little girl!!! I wonder who looks like her now....? LOL

I swear, Australia has some of the nastiest animals on the planet! But the wallaby is cute.
I love your family snapshot - though your cousin really didn't want to be there.

I remember that snake - still don't like it. *g*
I still love '70s clothing. Except for those vile polyester leisure suits men wore.

I would no more follow a poisonous snake to get a picture... You are braver than I! We have half a dozen species of poisonous snakes in Kansas (including three different rattlesnakes), and I give wide berth to them all.

If I grab a shovel or hoe, I have a robin that follows me about!