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It involved a trip into the loft to find the photo albums, and scanning in some prints, but I managed to conquer Asia!

Week 26 - Asia - Sunday Best Elephants

In 1995 we went to Sri Lanka, and this was taken at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. I've lots more pics of the elephants, but this one with Sri Lankans dressed in their Sunday best colours as opposed to the tourists in t-shirts and shorts, has always been one of my favourites.

We stopped there on our way to Kandy - a couple more pics behind the cut - I scanned them, so you're going to have them. *g*

Week 26 - Asia - Kandy

I couldn't remember where this was, so did a bit of Googling this morning and when I saw an image almost exactly like this one I knew I'd got the right place - obviously a viewing point on the way.

Week 26 - Asia - Buddah

And this was a Buddah, but what temple he was in I simply cannot remember, and unfortunately didn't make a note on the back of the print. (Now I take pictures of signposts and nameplates whenever we go anywhere, so that I know where we were!).
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