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Smile please

September 2019



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Behind again

melegyrn in photo_scavenger


Don't know if I'll ever catch up, but I can at least try to stay fairly current.

This is from a trip I took to Israel a few years ago. We stopped off for a very short time in France, and got a quick tour of the main attractions of Paris. We even had time to go into Notre Dame.

Coolpix1 258

A few more here

For some reason, this really struck me. If I'd ever learned about him, I didn't remember. This is St. Denys carrying his head...

Coolpix1 266

And the other thing I remember from the trip is the bathroom at the airport...I know, the strangest things get to me...

Coolpix1 299

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the stalls are light green glass. It was like nothing I'd seen here in the states.


Carrying his own head? That's cruel and unusual punishment, LOL! Love the bathroom, too.
Seems so, doesn't it?! But he was the Bishop of Paris in the third century and was martyred. The story is that afterwards he picked up his head and walked 6 miles, still preaching all the while. Neat trick, huh?

If I ever get back to Paris I must visit that bathroom again :-)

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I love cephalophore martyrs (fancy word ftw!). There are quite a few, though Denis is the most famous one because he's a patron of Paris. They look so jaunty with the heads off in sculpture!

In the medieval period, it was a neat legend for your local saint because the story usually went that they picked up their head and walked to where they wanted to be buried, which is where their church got built and a shrine developed. The reason it's neat is that meant no richer church could sneak in and suggest they would be a better home for the relics. So you got to keep the local saint (and the shrine tourist revenue). They were hot business properties!
The close-ups of stonework are invariably interesting.