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I did wonder what I coculd do here, as it's a part of the world I have yet to visit.  Then I remember this brass plaque.  My dad was a lecturer, who retired back in1986, but he still loves the story of this image.  He had been chatting to a  student from Iraq and somehow the subject got onto ancient history.  The man was suprised about how much history dad knew about Babylon, Persia, etc.  Dad explained about the Bible history, especially in the book of Daniel, and the conversation went onto other subjects.

The following Septemeber the man returned for the next year of his course and brought this back with him from "home" ... it represents the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a Ziggurat and one of their ancient god-statues.  to dad, as well as the history, it was lovely for him to think the conversation had meant something to his student.  This hangs in the hallway of their house.


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