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I bet curiouswombat knew what I was going to post the second she saw this prompt! I've just been to Bath, and took this photo of the spring in the Pump Room where you can drink the (pretty foul) waters/

bath July 2012 031

I hoped to find an image in Bath Abbey, which is incredibly full of 19th century monuments to old soldiers and bureaucrats, who not surprisingly came to Bath to retire, or were remembered here by their widows if they died abroad. It would have been easy to find something for Asia or America, loads of former members of the Bengal Army and some from the War of Independence (and lots of plantation owners from the Caribbean too).

But Africa wasn't so simple; great swathes were part of the Empire in the 19th century, but the big wars and high presence of administrators were mostly elsewhere. So this was the best I could do: yet another man who served in India, but he died of ill health returning on the very long voyage home, at the Cape of Good Hope. Tragically, as you can see from this stone, a lot of his children also died on this journey or just after.

bath July 2012 015
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