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Big Dance 032

It's a meadow. Full of plants, sure, but why is this my entry? Because those plants are (mostly) concealing about 25 dancers. It's the Olympics in my city, and there's a lot happening alongside. This was one of those things!

Big Dance 031

Big Dance 020

It's called the Big Dance, and there are many participative dance events across London all summer. I went to this one in a local park, and at the time wrote in my journal The Big Dance event was a modern dance production with local kids, who guided us through the park avenues into meadowland with a performance that made us all walk about half a mile in total. I have to confess, a cynic would have found plenty to scoff at. But I wasn't feeling even slightly cynical. Instead, it was sometimes close to magic, with these brightly dressed kids moving among trees and long grass. Sometimes they were urging us on, sometimes almost activated by our presence (they stopped dancing when the last of the party had passed them), sometimes running far ahead of us, sometimes stopping quite still.) And as a finale, they just sank into the grass and disappeared. Which is the photo I chose for the theme: people and plants together.

Big Dance 025

Some more plants from the day. Needless to say, this is unusually green and luscious for July. We've had solid rain April-June, to break what was looking like a nasty drought situation. To the point where there has been flooding, and the Big Dance was in danger of being rained off. But it stopped just in time.

Lastly, indulge me. I think many of us probably also just take photos of flowers. I love taking crowded photos of massed growing flowers, especially planted flower beds that don't leave too many gaps between the planting. This is a place called Rosheim (I think, there were a lot of Heims) in Alsace, last summer.

Strasbourg and Alsace 312
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