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There's no hope now that I'll ever catch up this year, but I'll try to do my best with what remains.

This prompt is not really a fair one, anyway, because I love birds and have quite a collection of bird photos...

One of the birds you see all the time here in the States are crows. This is one of my favorite photos:

Day 25

A park ranger told me that people rarely see this bird. I found it doing a little dance in a stream at Mt. Rainier National Park. If it hadn't been moving, I probably would never have noticed it was there. This is a Water Ousel also known as an American Dipper:

American Dipper (Water Ousel)

Then there's the young crow I found one July downtown where I work. It seemed a bit lost, and didn't seem quite up to flyng, so after taking some photos of it a young couple and I shooed it away from the sidewalk and the street. Meet Juvenile Crow, aka Ol' Blue Eyes:

Juvenile Crow 2

Juvenile Crow 3
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