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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


Squirrels are hard to photograph, you know?

But these are my best shots (and since I sprained my ankle a bit about ten minutes after this, falling down that slope you can just see ahead, I think we can accept I'm not going to be taking better ones this week. Gah.) You can have small discreet squirrel static and in focus (middle ground, left of centre), or mostly out of focus squirrel in motion, or mostly in focus squirrel against out of focus background. Have them all! I think the last is the best, tbh.

2012-08-26 11.48.49

2012-08-26 11.48.54

2012-08-26 11.49.00

In other news, insects are even harder to photograph, and I'm still trying. With my sprained ankle elevated and iced.


I really like squirrels - perhaps because they seem quite exotic to me as we don't have any!
I never knew that! I'm trying to get over having mistaken a rat for a squirrel last year; once you start seeing them as basically the same, there is a considerable eeuuuw factor. But this park is just full of squirrels, so it's appreciate them or avoid the place.
Tree rats - that's what the little bugger are! But occasionally cute. Depending on what they are destroying at the time...
I loooove squirrels! And when they get moving they're fast and blurry little buggers.
I did plan to sit down and take some more from a more steady spot, but the whole falling over splat thing distracted me... Ah well. These ones were fun to take.
I'm sorry you hurt your ankle. Falling is much more worrisome than it used to be for me. I don't bounce as well! Which doesn't make sense, because I'm much fluffier than I used to be...
Yeah, ageing takes its toll. (It's an ankle I sprained good and proper about five years ago, so though this wasn't much of a fall it was aggravated and very unhappy yesterday. Glad to say it has started to improve already, so the damage really can't be too bad.)