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Late again! I had these pics taken but forgot I hadn't posted them.

These are two shots of a desk in my bedroom where I store books of various sorts. The top of the desk has misc non-fiction/health books, the top shelf and the first one below it are holding comics and comic-related stuff. There is also a drawer on the other side that has the older comics - season eight of Buffy and the Angel and Spike comics from IDW. Ignore the shotgun shells on the top right. lol Those boxes of shells and a can of Raid were taking up space on the bookshelves when I first took a picture - then when I looked at it on my screen I decided that wasn't too cool, so I took them off the bookshelves (temporarily). The lower shelves have two rows of hardcover books each, the others have a row of books and then stacked copies of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine that haven't been put away upstairs and some paperbacks.


And a closer look. Do you detect a theme? :)


My nightstand has whatever books and magazines I'm currently reading or planning to read, but it's even messier than the desk, so...
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