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A pilgrimage on my recent holiday: the Rue des Papegaults, Blois. A pretty old road by anyone's standards, but only likely to make your hair stand on end if you're a fan, as I am, of the writing of Dorothy Dunnett, and specifically her Lymond Chronicles. For this was the home of one of her more creepy and memorable characters, who steered a great deal of Lymond's mad career.

(If by chance you *are* a Dunnettt-o-phile, I did a special open photo post of the Blois old town, in case you'd like to wallow and/or do Fannish Things with them.)

Vienna Blois 312

Under the cut is what I should have posted for Reading: from the same trip, the effigy of Eleanor of Aquitaine at Fontevraud Abbey. Eternally reading a book...

Vienna Blois 215
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