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September 2019



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Happy New Year

slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Gate or Entrance

Two different views of the gate my husband built before he put a fence around my garden. Not so much to keep the deer out, but to keep out my tomato-stealing dogs. :)

This is the (almost)finished product -


And this is the gate - designed to resemble a Japanese gate.



That is really beautiful - so good to make something aesthetically pleasing just for the joy of it, when a boring one would have done the job - but not looked anywhere near so good.
He can be very creative when he's in the mood...
What a gorgeous gate! though I can't see that sort fence keeping out deer!
It wouldn't, but it's inside a much larger area, also fenced, that often contains large hairy creatures with teeth, so the deer rarely visit that part of the yard any more. The front yard is a different story.... they'll walk right up to the front door to munch on my plants!

Edited at 2013-01-04 09:05 pm (UTC)
Your husband does very nice work. And...your dogs steal tomatoes? What a hoot!
Two of them do. One eats blueberries right off the bushes. And they all walk through the garden and/or dig for critters, so a good thing all the way around. :)
LOL Tomato-stealing dogs! Mine prefer carrots.

Lovely gate...do you have plans for growing anything on it?
I haven't. We'll see. Maybe a clematis or morning glories. It's not really that kind of gate, so I'm not sure how Stirling will feel about it. :)
LOL See, I was envisioning grapes...or maybe wisteria.
Hmmm - it's meant to be a torii gate, and those are always plain (if painted) so I dunno. Wisteria would probably overwhelm it very quickly. Don't know about grapes. That's a thought...