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Smile please

September 2019



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Week 1 - Gateway or Entrance

I make no promises, but am going to try again this year! This was the gateway to the Olympic Park last August, through which we passed with surprising ease, despite horror tales of mammoth queues and time consuming security searches.

Week 01 - Gateway or Entrance


That is an excellent picture for the prompt. Such a good thing to look back on.
It was an incredible experience, and I'm glad I persevered in my attempts to get tickets!
Yay! Happy memories for me too.
I'm so glad I got tickets - and I hope the children remember it as an 'experience' in years to come.
Cool! What events did you see?
We saw two ladies' hockey matches from the preliminary rounds, and although we didn't support any of the countries (China, Japan, North Korea and Belgium I think, from memory), it was fabulous fun.
Good choice! And glad the lines weren't too bad for you guys!
After all the talk on the TV about queues and waiting for security checks I was expecting the worst, but we breezed through.
Very cool! Which event did you go to?
We saw two ladies' hockey matches - I think the countries involved were China, Japan, North Korea and Belgium, so no real partisanship, we just cheered everyone! It also meant we were in the Olympic Park proper so got to have a good look round everywhere, which we could not have done if we'd been at one of the other London venues.