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Smile please

September 2019



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Fenchurch Place

fenchurche in photo_scavenger

Week 1 - Gateway or Entrance

One of my goals for last year was to keep up with posting on this community... and I failed in a particularly spectacular fashion (i.e. I didn't post here once last year). Gonna give it another try this year and I'm already off to a better start.

I took this photo at Kenilworth Castle on a visit to the UK back in 2006 on my old point and shoot camera. I was surprised by how well the photo managed to actually capture what I was seeing (I even had the photo printed large so I could frame it... it's hanging next to our front door).

Week 01 - Gateway or Entrance


That's gorgeous. So much depth.
That view is just a picture waiting to be taken, isn't it?

I think I remember trying to take a similar one - but yours is better.
Okay, want to know something funny? I decided today I would work on getting caught up on this year's photos and looked up entries with my name tagged on them. There were, embarrassingly, only three (two from this year and one from 2011) and the one from 2011? This same exact photo.


Ah, well.
But it is a very nice picture....
Great pic! We have some of that castle also (thanks to gillo and her hubby). Quite a place, isn't it?
They're the reason we went out there, too!! We'd been thinking of going to Warwick Castle and were told that this was the one we really wanted to see. And they were right!
I love lined-up series of openings/doorways/gates/etc. They seem so magical and full of secrets.
Exactly! This one was way too good to pass up. The funny thing is that I was apparently not the only one to think so. When I did a quick websearch to make sure I was remembering the right castle, I found a photo almost exactly like this one (to the point where at first I thought it WAS the same photo). I ended up putting them side by side to compare and realized the other photographer had probably been standing within about six inches of where I stood when I took my shot.
What a cool shot!

I somehow always associate you with doorways for some unknown reason. Maybe your icon?
Might be... I actually made that photo into an icon ages ago and use it quite a bit.
That is a fabulous photo! It just draws you in.