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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Week 1 - Gateway

I had intended going out and taking a new picture for my first prompt - but the weather has been gloomy and grey - so I have decided to look back at last year, rather than forward to this one...

Baddesley Clinton 19

That is in the grounds of a National Trust property called Baddesley Clinton.

This is taken from the drawbridge looking into the main courtyard of the house;

Baddesley Clinton 16

I'm sorry - I couldn't resist posting two.


That first shot is especially wonderful. I love the delicate ironwork.
Thank you - it is rather pretty - and a nice gateway always draws me like a magnet...
I like the use of the dark bricks in the arch over the gate. Where is Baddesley Clinton?
Can I ask you a quick question, while you're there, IYSWIM?
If I wanted to post a link to a picture in a comment how should I do it?
This is my post about Baddesley Clinton - it is Near Kenilworth- here is its website.

Posting pics in comments - if it is on Flickr or somewhere you can just lift the 'share' code - or you put img src="relevant address" inside pointy brackets - which is how I did this one -

Which is also of Baddesley Clinton.
Hee- I was pretty sure these were yours as I scrolled up. Neat picture though; the scroll work on that first gate is striking!
Oh dear... that predictable!
Oh, I just want to get a book and sit in the courtyard of that second photo!
It would be a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.
That is a beautiful arch, and I love the gates. And what a lovely view through the bottom one.
It was a lovely spot to spend an afternoon - I could quite happily have moved in!