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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger

Week 1, Gateway...

Hi, all... new here, drawn irresistibly by curiouswombat! *waves* I've no idea if I'll be able to keep up with the weekly challenges, but I hope to do my best.

This is a gateway into a garden in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, taken a few years back while I was on vacation.  I've always thought that stone to the left looks like it could have been plucked up from Middle-earth!



Welcome! And what a lovely picture. I wonder if that stone is natural and, if not, what it is for/about.
It's natural stone called coquina, a type of limestone found in that part of the Florida coast, made over the aeons by accumulations of seashells. The outcrops along the shoreline have that sort of weathered, sculptural quality. My guess is whoever set that stone brought it up from along the beach somewhere.

Interesting side note: Castillo de San Marcos, the Spanish fort in St. Augustine, is constructed with coquina--it has an absorbent property, so the cannon balls sink into it instead of shattering it. Pretty handy feature back in the days of tall ships filled with big guns! (And it's sturdy... the fort is 300 years old and still stands tall.)
That's awesome. And yes, it does!
Thank you!

Finding it in Middle-earth sounds so much more exciting than finding it along the beach, which is probably where it really came from. :D
Oh, that is lovely!!! So inviting....

welcome to the community - I am looking forward to your pics.
Thank you! I'm looking forward to going back and looking over all the photos that have been posted here. :)
What an interesting picture. I love the contrasts!
Thank you! I really wish it had been a public entrance, because it really made me want to go in and see what was inside the walls.
Well, that's just asking for a story. (Curiouswombat has already made me write fic for a different gateway picture, though, so I'm immune!)
Hee hee... I'm sure there's a whole hutch full of plot bunnies lurking behind that stone!
Lovely! I've always wanted to go to St. Augustine, and you've only deepened my desire.
Thank you! I hope you get to go someday. It's a lovely city.
Enchanting opening.
Thank you! It's very inviting, isn't it.
There is just something about archways that draws you and makes you REALLY want to see what's on the other side.

Lovely photo.

Welcome to the community, it's a lot of fun.
Thank you! I'm really looking forward to all the nice photos. :)