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Smile please

September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger


The gateway to my favorite ride in DisneyWorld (a little different from its companion ride in DisneyLand)...

I had, once, a picture I took of a Chinese Moon Gate that stands in the garden of the Chinese Cultural Center here in Phoenix, and I had thought to post that, but I can't seem to find it (I have a LOT of pictures). I may take another shot of it one of these days. But in the meantime...


The Haunted Mansion?
Yes, indeed. I could ride it all day long! :)
The first time I rode it was in California, and we were stopped in the cemetery. A voice started talking about how "prankish spirits" had interrupted our journey, so to stay safe from ghosts we needed to stay in our carriages, etc. Until the tape loop started repeating and I realized we'd broken down, I thought it was part of the ride, LOL!
Hee! That also can mean they stopped the ride to allow on handicapped people -- when we were in DisneyWorld a couple of years ago, there was a large party of kids from some school or other with a LOT of wheelchair-bound kids, so rides were stopping all the time. They get going pretty quick, though.
That looks fascinating - which ride?
The Haunted Mansion! In DisneyWorld it's a Gothic manor; in Disneyland, since it stands in New Orleans Square, it's a old bayou mansion.

I know it's something different in both Disney Tokyo and Disney Paris, but since I've never been there...
Oh fun!I always giggle at the old horse-drawn hearse parked in front.
With ghost horses! :D
I love the building!

One day I'd like to get to a Disney park of some sort.
I know I've been there, but we did five amusement parks in five days, and it's all a blur!
Hee-- one of my all time favorites!