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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


A photo I snapped last fall while walking around our woods:



My favorite season! And what a beautiful shot.
Thank you! Autumn can't be beat for photo ops, but I can't say it's my favorite season solely because of what comes after. I'm much more happy in spring and summer. :)
Those colours are gorgeous.
That's a scrubby little tree called sumac (pronounced "shoe'-make"). It's pretty ubiquitous in the waste spaces, like the cleared easements for power lines, growing in little colonies that go pretty much unnoticed until fall, when they turn blazing red.
Lovely contrast of the red leaves and the stark grey branches.
Thank you! It was sunset when I took this one. The fading light really made the light greys stand out.
Beautiful colours! Not really having deciduous trees around here (apart from my two non-native Leopard Trees), we don't get to see the lovely colour displays that you guys do...so very pretty.
As much as I wouldn't miss winter, I would definitely miss seeing fall colours if I moved to a warmer climate. It's a nice consolation when the weather turns cold and the days short. :)
They get them down south (so, Melbourne, Adelaide etc), Queensland is just more sub-tropical and tropical, so we don't get the deciduous trees. LOL We do get winter though...it gets bloody cold (by our standard, at least!)
Great autumn colors.
We don't have the spectacular swaths of bright red or gold like they have in the northeast US or in the mountain regions in the West, but our little spots of brilliance do their best to compete on a small scale. :)
That looks like our local sumac. I live in Kansas.

Your icon made me think you would enjoy this:

I found it to be so sweet!
Ooh, Aragorn on cheezburger! *g* I did enjoy that, very much, thank you! I confess a certain addiction to Tolkien's King.

And hooray for Kansas! I'm a southwest Missouri gal, so not far from your state at all. We enjoy the Flint Hills region quite a bit.
The Flint Hills are some of my favorite spots on earth. This is one of my favorite photos:


Hi, neighbor!
Wow, gorgeous photo! It wasn't nearly that green when we went through there last August. Stupid drought! Hopefully this year it will look as lush as that again.
Lovely colours:-)
I always wish they lasted longer!
Beautiful - I love the contrast between the bright fall foliage and the dead branches.
Thank you ! That's what really caught my eye as well. The twilight really brought out the lighter tones of the fallen tree.
Wow, what gorgeous colors!
It's really hard to beat the colors of autumn. :)