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September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Hilo, Hawaii(Big Island)

Hilo, Hawaii. July 2008.

This is also one of my favorite shots from that trip

Near Akaka Falls, Hawaii. July 2008.


Those are lovely, I'm not sure which one I like best.
Thank you! I liked the second one so much, I put it on my Christmas card that year.
Thank you!
Gorgeous monochrome branches. And I love the second photo too; something about the horizontal lines of the branches with leaves makes it so elegant.
Thanks and thanks again! The second shot was really unexpected, (we had been at a waterfall and I took this from the parking lot) so made me love it even more.
I do love both, but the lovely windswept tree in the second one is just stunning!
Thank you! As I said to a previous comment, the second one was an "just happened to notice" shot from the parking area at Akaka Falls.
Both are beautiful, but that second one is a stunner. I never would have pegged it for Hawaii, though.
Thank you! I know, it does not look like most of Hawaii at all. It is from the big island and there is a lot of varied landscape and climate there.
Love the windswept tree. Nice shots.
Thank you.
Both are great, but I love the almost fractal quality of the branches in the top one.
Thank you.
both really nice, love the top one! (have a desire to see the bottom one in a square format)
Thanks! I like that the focal point of the bottom one is off center...how would you make it square?
as an example (i straightened the horizon also) - i found the interplay between the branches and the clouds to be the highlight, so i put that in the thirds spot of the square. i also like how the darker clouds become more important in the cropped version (hope my posting the image here works):

my crop

Edited at 2013-01-09 06:01 pm (UTC)
Pretty cool! It kind of changes the feel of it.
oh yes, cropping always does that. i don't crop very often, but my mom says (she is a life long photographer) that if the core of an image is good, you can crop it almost any way you want and still have a good photograph, but if it isn't any good, no matter how you crop it you will still feel it needs something else. yours feels like no matter what you do to it it's still good.

thanks for letting me play with it.
You are welcome.
Two lovely shots, with my favourite being the second. There's just something about that tree.
Thank you. I know, I just love that lonely little windswept tree.
Wow! Both of those are just gorgeous!
Thanks so much!