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September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger

Week 02 - Branch

As the wife of a life-long railway enthusiast, I've gone for one of the alternative definitions for this one. This is a train just about to leave the station on the Swanage Railway, which is a Heritage Railway that runs on the old Purbeck Branch Line. Note the obligatory blue-anoraked train spotter!

Week 02 - Branch


Brilliant - I was hoping someone would think Branch-line!
Given how many steam railways we've been to I was surprised how few photos we have of them - lots of close ups of trains but not the actual lines.
Yes, that has a very 'branch' feel to it!
I even did some research - I wanted it to be an authentic branch line picture, and not one from a main line! (saddo!)
Lovely photo, and excellent use of the prompt!
Thanks :)
Neat reading of the prompt. And I would have entirely missed the trainspotter if you hadn't cued me to look for him.
I'm just glad the trainspotter wasn't my husband! That would have been really embarrassing *g*

Edited at 2013-01-09 05:06 pm (UTC)
LOL! Though we would never have known. (Or I wouldn't have, anyway.)
I love trains. Thank you.
You're welcome :)
That photo makes me want to jump on the train and go somewhere. Lovely.
We're watching a programme about train journeys at the moment, and it always makes me want to train travel as well (it needs to be a special journey though, not just a commute!).
Oh yeah. I was hoping someone would use a train. :)
It just had to be done - hubby would never have forgiven me if I'd gone with a different definition, he was very helpful with finding this picture as well.
*<3 trains*
If the prompts allow, there might be more :)
I like your interpretation of "branch", LOL! Much more creative than anything I've come up with so far!