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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is our local branch of Marks & Spencers...


whereas this is a very different branch...

Ballkillingan trees  - spider...


This was going to be my fall-back position if I hadn't found a suitable branch-line pic!
I had thought, between posting mine and seeing yours, that perhaps I should have gone for branch-line - I have a few I could have used - but was glad I'd gone this way when you went that one!
I love the second one... I'm a sucker for interesting tree photos.
I was very taken with that skeletal fallen tree, too.
OMG! That second one looks like a giant spider coming to get me! (Great shot, though.)
It really does, doesn't it? And thank you!
What an interesting--sculptural, even--tree.
It is, isn't it? Although it looks a little different now - every time I go past it they've hauled a bit more away.
That second pic looks like the dying gasp of Old Man Willow!
It does rather!
The second one looks like a giant spider thing! I wouldn't be surprised to see it move. :)
It really is one of the scariest dead trees I've ever seen!
Ooh, creepy!

(The tree, that is, not M&S)
M&S has its moments... :)
ah! leave it to you to find the humor in the prompt!
Thank you! Someone else went with branch-line...
I have to say I llike the second branch better! I get little bit of a stress headache just looking at number one!
Shopping in M&S is OK - they have nice staff and short queues for the checkouts!

But the other one is certainly much easier on the eye.
Interesting to see your 'Marks & Sparks'. I think 'Target' and 'KMart' might be the closest to it here.
I love your tree branch. It is really beautiful.