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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


While not technically a branch, this is one of the tributaries that feed the Caboolture River (taken not long after the flood in 2011), it is all but dry at the moment...just a small trickle.


Yay! Another interpretation! And a lovely picture too.
Thanks--I think my favourite part is the sleeping cow on the far bank. lol
Excellent! I was hoping for a river for this one. (My pics are all blurry from going along the Rhine by train, sadly.) Gorgeously green and peaceful too.
It was all especially green as it had been flooded only a week or so earlier.
It's a nice interpretation of the prompt.
Very pretty! Is that a sheep I see along the far bank?
LOL It does look a bit like a sheep, but no, it's the head of a cow that's lying in the long grass having a nap.
I think that counts as a branch and a really cool inyerpretation of the prompt.
Thank you!
Glad to see some more interesting uses than my tree limb. :) I did think about taking one of pics of the stream, which is branch of a large stream. This is much easier to see, though. :)
LOL It is in this photo...at the moment with the complete lack of rain, it is barely a trickle.
LOL It did look pretty lush. Been meaning to ask you, I hope those fires aren't anywhere near you? They showed them on the news, but weren't really clear about where they are.
Very peaceful:)
Looks can be so misleading, can't they? It looks so lovely and peaceful, but there is a very busy road with many noisy cars and trucks passing just overhead.
Cool and green and shady - absolutely lovely.
It's lovely seeing it so green, at the moment it is more brown than green.
The argument that a tributary is a branch works for me!
LOL It works for me too.
I really like the peaceful feeling evoked b y this pic. Qld. does green better than anywhere else. A more creative interpretation of 'branch'.
At least QLD post-flood...the same area is mostly all dry and brown at the moment.
There are fires all over Australia at the moment.

Bribie Island (just north-east of us) has been on fire and blanketing most of Brisbane in smoke for about the last week. But I imagine the fires that have been showing on the news over there would be the really bad ones down in Tasmania last week. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-06/thousands-stranded-as-crews-continue-to-battle-fires/4454600